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Common English Words Used In A British Garden ✔Lesson transcript:

After lots and lots of rain we’ve finally had some sun, and in typical British fashion we are all complaining because it’s too hot. So summer is here in the UK, for a few days at least, and that means we will all be talking about gardens and using common English words for plants and gardening terms. Especially as we rest and enjoy barbecues and talking with friends, now the government has relaxed lock-downs in the UK.

I love gardening and working from home and being able to garden has been one thing that has kept my morale up during lock-downs. Now that I go out I can visit others it’s time to enjoy my friends’ gardens, and that means using English gardening phrases and vocabulary.

If you do not have a garden, there are plenty of options to enjoy some flowers and busy bees in the UK, from public parks to garden shows and festivals. So at the end of the podcast I’ve talked about some flower shows I like to visit, partly because they are near London but also because they are some of the most spectacular flower shows in the UK.

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