Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #582: The John with the Jabberjaw Tattoo


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In this episode, John reveals his Jabberjaw back tattoo, Bob gets wistful about Wasp, Aaron admits his love for Damian Wayne, Chris necks with vampires, and Steve falls in love at summer camp! This is a comics-heavy episode, folks! Prepare yourselves!

Books: Harley Quinn Animated: Legions of Bats #4, Stargirl & The Lost Children #3, World's Finest #11, Batgirls #14, Strange #10, Wasp #1, Vanish #1, Flawed #1, Strange Academy: Finals #3, Ten Thousand Black Feathers #1-5, Nightwing #100, Nemesis: Reloaded #1, Vampire Husband (Webtoon), Eldritch Darling (Webtoon), Moonrise (Webtoon), Night Owls & Summer Skies (Webtoon), CRUSH3D! (Webtoon), Batman: The Knight #1-10

Other Stuff: Batman/Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

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