Why We Are So Often Wrong & How to Dial Down Anxiety


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Why does it seem that your stomach growls at exactly the wrong time? It is right when the room is full of people and very very is quiet. That's when your stomach emits those grumbling noises that you are certain everyone can hear. This episode begins with an explanation as to why your stomach growls in the first place and what you can do to prevent it. https://www.outsideonline.com/1784166/why-does-my-stomach-growl

A lot of the time you think you are right – you are really wrong. You see humans seem to like to believe things that are just not true. Often, we tend to believe things are actually worse than they really are. It’s important to understand how and why this happens. Here to discuss this odd human quirk is Bobby Duffy, a professor of public policy at King’s College in London and author of the book Why We’re Wrong About Nearly Everything (https://amzn.to/2qdz9aK).

Doesn’t it seem that people are more anxious than they used to be? Tempers are shorter, patience wears thin quickly, and people just seem generally worried about so many things. So how can we dial down the anxiety and worry? That’s what Olivia Remes is here to discuss. Olivia is an anxiety researcher at the University of Cambridge in London. Her writing has appeared in several major publications and she posts a lot of information on the topic on Twitter. (@OliviaRoxann). Listen as she offers some simple ways to ease your anxiety and find more joy in life.

There is a good chance you hit an afternoon slump around 3 pm. You can try a cup of coffee to help fight it off but there is actually a way to prevent yourself from getting – or at least minimizing that late day slump. Listen as I explain a simple yet effective technique. https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/avoiding-the-afternoon-energy-slump


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