SYSK Choice: Your Ever-Changing Personality & Procrastination With Less Guilt


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As you may have discovered over the holidays, finding the right gift to give someone can be difficult. Yet, there is some science to it that can make gift selection and giving a little easier. This episode begins with some interesting insight on how to find the right gift for anyone. to.

Have you ever wondered why you have the personality you have? Where did it come from? How much does it change over time - and more importantly, can you change it if you want to? Christopher Soto is an associate professor of psychology at Colby College in Maine ( and has studied personality for a long time. Listen as he explains the reasons why you are the person you are and why you might be an even better you, later on.

Being considered a procrastinator isn’t exactly a compliment. Still, everyone procrastinates. So maybe it isn’t all bad – maybe procrastination serves a purpose. Dominic Vogue is Senior Associate Director of The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton University ( and is an expert on procrastination. You will not only find him fascinating, you may even feel less guilty the next time you decide to put something off.

Police give out speeding tickets for a lot of different reasons: they punish bad drivers, they deter other drivers from speeding and tickets are a source of revenue for local governments. But there is also a problem. Handing out speeding tickets can also be very dangerous. Listen as I explain why.


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