SYSK Choice: How to Not Do Stupid Things & How Appreciation Works


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I bet everyone has flushed the toilet with their foot to avoid the germs on the handle. I know I have and it turns out to be one of many well-intentioned but flawed techniques to steer clear of germs lurking in nasty places. This episode begins with some ways people try to avoid germs that fail and better ways instead.

Smart people often do stupid things. I bet you have done dumb things and you KNOW you should have known better. What’s so interesting is there are several factors that make it more likely you will do something stupid. Joining me to explain what they are is Adam Robinson who is one of the co-founders of the Princeton Review and is now a top financial adviser. He created a Power Point presentation called “How Not to be Stupid” and I know you will find this conversation interesting and useful. BTW, you can find Adam on Twitter – @IAmAdamRobinson.

When you ask people what makes them laugh, they usually say they laugh at jokes or humor. Well, that is partly true, but we laugh at a lot of other things too. Listen to hear what we really laugh at most often and why.

When you show appreciation, wonderful things can happen. That’s according to Noelle Nelson who has written several books on the subject of appreciation including The Power of Appreciation ( She says there is solid science that proves being appreciative is good for your physical and mental well-being and she joins me to discuss exactly how this works and how to put into practice.


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