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Quote “You are not messy, everyone just organizes differently.” Cassandra Aarssen

Welcome to the Sensory Strides podcast. Observations of the world through activity, reading, listening, and everything else.

Excited to be back to feeling mentally well. So much so that I have decided to sign up for a trail 10k at the end of October. I’ve found a training plan I can work with on the internet and will begin training next week. Now, to get my eating habits back under control. I need to reduce some inches so my clothes start fitting better.

My mastermind group tried something new and spent a session sharing different media we’ve been enjoying. We had been doing book club each month, with each of us reading a different book and sharing our takeaways. We often talk about podcasts we listen to and thought a media sharing day would be good. It was so much fun – although my podcast list has now grown again. Moving forward we will do book club one month and media on the opposite month. I love keeping things fresh!

Media I shared included Hot Mess House on HGTV. I have begun packing my current house for moving this fall and the timing on finding this show couldn’t be better. I have gotten rid of almost as much as I’ve packed so far. I’m going to be reading one of Cas’s books for book club in August. She has a podcast, youtube videos, and an amazing Pinterest page. The biggest thing I learned so far is my issue with thinking everything has value is my biggest hurdle towards managing clutter. I have been using her $30 rule (if it isn’t worth $30, it isn’t worth your time and effort to try to sell it) and it has really changed my outlook.

Podcast | Clutterbug

My biggest challenge with the value rule comes with anything related to Girl Scouts though. Girl Scouts leaders save everything! I have a bin of Girl Scout stuff that I am going to get rid of, but I AM going to use the $30 rule – I will just create bundles to sell. If it doesn’t sell, then it will go away. Luckily there are a couple of really good Facebook groups for this activity.

Another media I shared was Anne Bogel’s podcast ‘What Should I Read Next’. I love this podcast! I almost always hear about one book to add to my reading list every episode. I like that we learn about the guests as that actually helps me know if I will enjoy a book as well as they did, depending on our similar or differing outlooks.

What Should I Read Next? Podcast – Modern Mrs Darcy

What media do you get inspiration from?

Thanks for joining me. Be sure to check our show notes for links to inspiration items and … don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

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