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Quote "In a word, let me say: if we might keep in necessary things Unity, in unnecessary things Freedom, and in both Charity, our affairs would certainly be in the best condition." Peter Meiderlin

Welcome to the Sensory Strides podcast. Observations of the world through activity, reading, listening, and everything else.

We used to start conversations talking about the weather or an activity that was happening in our community. Now a days the question is “have you gotten your vaccine?”. I encourage everyone to be more sensitive with this question. Receiving the vaccine can be a very personal decision and could cause others to share personal medical information they may not want to share. Unlike talking about the weather or a public event, the vaccine is a personal health decision.

I am pro vaccine and believe that receiving vaccinations protects not only ourselves, but others as well. Most vaccines have been around for a long time and have a history that makes people more comfortable with them. As people may know, there are questions regarding some vaccines by some people that disagree with vaccines. I encourage everyone to research any vaccine questions you may have by using well defied medical websites and scientific articles. One key is often making sure that the website ends in org (reflecting a nonprofit) or a solid .com website.

I encourage vaccinating but recognize there are some people that are unable to be vaccinated for health reasons. For those able to be vaccinated, we are protecting ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The only person that can make the decision on your health choices is you.

While I was eligible in the very first round of vaccines due to my job, I did not choose to get vaccinated immediately. My concern was not related to the shortened testing timeframes, I was confident no testing pieces were skipped, just the in between testing step waiting periods. I was concerned about long term side effects. I have since reviewed vaccinations and when long term side effects generally appear and my concerns have been alleviated based on what I have learned thorough research.

However, there were many people, my parents included, where any concerns were offset by the potential negative impact from contracting covid based on their age or other health issues. I never undermined any efforts for those that choose to vaccinate. Everyone’s situation is different, and all health choices need to be made based on an individual’s situation.

I urge everyone to be conscious of what other people’s situation may be and not everyone can get the vaccine or choose to get the vaccine. For those that choose not to vaccinate, they should be responsible for their own health and may choose to continue masking and social distancing to maintain their health.

Remember, you cannot know what someone’s personal history and experience is that supports their decisions. While Covid is a public health emergency, everyone has their own story and has to make the decision best for them. Please support each other and don’t judge each other based on physical observations and respect each other’s decisions.

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