The 3 Key Leadership Skills You Cannot Fake - Sabrina Horn


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Have you ever felt that what you were saying wasn't completely true but it wasn't such a big deal? Have you ever overpromised on something that deep down you knew you couldn't deliver? In this interview with Sabrina Horn, she shares the importance of becoming an authentic, honest leader. Integrity and humility are the superpowers that can transform company culture and bring real long-term success in business. Avoid white lies and half-truths and face who you are and what problems can you truly solve. Your clients will believe you and you'll gain their loyalty for years.


🎙️Guest’s Bio

Sabrina Horn is the current CEO of HORN Strategy, LLC. With 25 years as Founder, CEO, and president of Horn Group, she's been in Silicon Valley long enough to detect a message that needed to be said. "Make It Don't Fake It: Leading With Authenticity for Real Business Success" is the title of her book aiming to help executives make the right decisions as they grow in their careers. She's consulted thousands of C-level executives on marketing, brand transformation, global expansion, IPOs, and more thanks to her experience as CEO and strategic advisor.


👂Listen out for:

  • The origins and history of the “Fake it till you make it” philosophy
  • Why people choose to fake it and what are the consequences
  • How trying to hide anything on the internet era is a bad idea
  • The key advantages of leading with honesty, authenticity, and integrity
  • Why humility is an underrated superpower




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