How to Build Your Self Storage Empire with Tim Fadorsen


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Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast, this is your host AJ Osborne! We have another incredible guest lined up for you all today - the man himself Tim Fadorsen. Tim started off in the development and construction world working as a general contractor for years. He ultimately ended up building a self storage facility for a client. Seeing the value of self storage and the great opportunity he could leverage being a general contractor, he immediately began to dive into the world of self storage and began construction on his very own facility. Tim gives us a run down of his first storage deal and walks us through and up to where he’s at today and what the plans are for the future. We talk about investing strategies, leveraging your skills to get deals done, and he has gone about identifying great self storage markets to develop in. Enjoy everybody and we’ll see you next time! AJ

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