Living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder with Lee Hammock


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The girls are joined by self-aware narcissist and internet personality, Lee Hammock. Lee is diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and has been in therapy for three years managing his NPD. Lee’s perspective, encouragement, and insight has helped thousands of people - victims of narcissistic abuse and people with narcissistic personality disorder alike.
During this episode, Lee shares about his childhood and what he thinks led to his narcissistic tendencies, how it feels navigating his relationship with his wife and children, and why narcissists gaslight, devalue, discard, and hoover the people in their lives. He also answers questions like: Do narcissists experience love? Do people with NPD have feelings? Can narcissists spot other narcissists? If you believe you have narcissistic tendencies or NPD, you’re currently navigating a narcissistic relationship, or you’re a survivor of narcissistic abuse - this episode is intended to provide comfort, validation, and practical tools. Also, tune in to find out which Disney princes are narcissists!

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