Podcast #52: Nurturing Foresight in a Short-Sighted World, with Peter Hayward


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It is not in our stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”–Willaim Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III

Got foresight? Do you even need it? Hell yes, you do. The consequences of lack of foresight have never been more evident than they are in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. But just how can the long view be fostered in a human society that doesn’t often look beyond the next pay check, the next quarter, or most notably, the next election? Peter Hayward is a fellow futurist podcaster. In this episode of Seeking Delphi™ Peter joins me to discuss his approach to very much the same podcasting end that I have. .

#52: Nurturing Foresight in a short-sighted world
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