S2E3: The Road To Restoration


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 5:23; Matthew 18:15; Hebrews 12:14

Reconciliation is not about simply fixing “others”... but doing what is necessary to fix the “relationship”.

Reconcile: 1100’s used in French: “to bring together again”. In Latin it means “to win over again”. You cannot win over “again” without admitting you lost it in the first place.

In mafia families, the conciliare was the right-hand person who was the representative of the family to other mafia families.

Reconciliation is about rebuilding the bridge between parties.

Three Keys To The Road To Reconciliation

1 - Seek first to understand; then to be understood. The more you know, the more you will then know how to respond.

2 - Aim to act; not react. If you are always the one responding or reacting, you will never build trust. You MUST take initiatives to build trust.

3 - The effort will match the intent. Repentance without remorse simply equates to a “replica”... a fake effort. This will be revealed in what you are willing to do to restore the relationship, as well as what they are willing to do.

REMEMBER… Even though there may be potholes along the road to restoration… at least you are on the road! Don’t downplay the fact that you are actually working towards restoration. Any progress… is still progress.


Pick a relationship that has recently gone sour. Write down all the reasons why “they” may be upset with you. Once you feel right about it and have prayed for guidance, reach out being willing to a) hear only “their” perspective, and b) ask for forgiveness for all you have done to contribute towards the breakdown in the relationship.


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