S2E2: Best Decisions Do This


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Scripture Referenced: John 1:42-43

Inc.com Article - “Four Ways to Avoid Mental Burnout”: https://www.inc.com/heidi-zak/adults-make-more-than-35000-decisions-per-day-here-are-4-ways-to-prevent-mental-burnout.html

Most of the decisions we make we don’t even notice we are making. (There are at least seven decisions in John 1:42-43; six decisions aren’t even noted)

Any “decision” to do something by defacto “decides” to NOT do something.

Decide: (latin: decaedere - to cut off) (FR: dechirer - to tear off)

Many “decisions” we tend to make don’t “cut off” other options but rather we “sweep under” or “brush back”.

Three Things Best Decisions Do:

1 - They better your goals / plans. Labyrinths may seem to go in the wrong direction many times, but they ultimately get you going further along.

2 - They consider the cost. When you ascertain what you gain, you also choose what you lose. Anything you choose to hold onto / not deal with only slow you down.

3 - They are “made in the shade”. We think best when we can think straight. We turn off all distractions when we are trying to concentrate better. Clearing your surroundings allows you to properly clear your mind.


Choose something to be an easy decision to make (supper, clothes, movie to watch, etc)

1 - Clear your surroundings so you can give it the proper attention.

2 - Ask yourself how this decision will better you.

3 - Ask yourself how it will not benefit you.

Make the “best” decision for you based on those answers.

The more often you do this, bigger decisions will be able to take less time.


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