S2E1: Making The Most Of Today


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4

The Lord’s Prayer shared by Jesus reveals God’s will for us to recognize that we need to keep an eye on today including both the past and the future.

You cannot make the most of your “today” without considering multiple points of reference.

“It is what it is” is so passive, non-influential, and reactionary. We will look at that saying as to how it should be changed based on all three tenses.

1 - Past: “It was what it was.”

God was before anything else was. The past cannot change… and you cannot change it. Dwelling on it, staying or mentally staying there does nothing.

The past is there not to re“live” it... but to “LEARN” from it. When we learn what happened, it helps us to move forward.

2 - Present: “It is what I choose it to be.”

Give us… THIS DAY… our daily bread…

He gives us what we need. So if we did not receive what we thought we needed, we should consider why that did not happen. Perhaps by looking at “why” it is the way it is or (or “what” it is) we can learn to “LIVE” in the presence of it.

We are to be present… in the present.

3 - Future: “It will be what it could be.”

It is impossible to say the word “future” in the present tense. By the time you start the word, some of it will be in the past by the time you are done.

We can “plan” for the future or “react affecting” the future. But technically a reaction or a response can never be something happening in the present. They all “happened” (past tense).

So, being prepared and being proactive (both present decisions) best position you to be able to “LEAN” into the future.

You cannot prevent or predict the future, but you CAN best prepare / position yourself for it; which increases the likelihood of things going a certain way.

Momentum is simply a series of successive moments.


Pick something you actually want to continue to be doing two days from now.

1 - Ask what has stopped you from doing it so far (LEARN).

2 - Decide the when “now” for you to do it (LIVE).

3 - Schedule a time tomorrow and the next day to do it (LEAN).


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