S1E6: Battle Picking


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This episode is based on the message entitled “The Snub Hub” from the “First Things First” series at First Avenue Christian Assembly in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Scripture Referenced: Romans 14:1

-Make sure you choose wisely the battles you’re going to fight; and then do all you can to avoid those battles from happening.

-Discipleship is the act of letting what God pours into your own life affect those around you as well.

-Social media has unfortunately turned into battlegrounds of various personal opinions.

-Churches have too often figuratively made their entrances lead right into their laundry rooms full of dirty laundry.

-People see what Christians fight about on social media and think that’s what church is like.

-We often expect more development from “spiritual” children than we do “physical” children. We don’t give the same patience and/or willingness to help them develop.

-Romans 14:1 CSB - “Welcome anyone who is weak in faith, but don’t argue about disputed matters.”

-Paul was dealing with people who knew “more” but perhaps didn’t know “better”. Their maturity in their faith may have made them lose perspective of those new in the faith.

-We expect people to be at “our” level without letting them take the time to “rise” to our level.

-Leaders need to think of their role as one who sets the “hockey rink boards” on a lake; determining the safe place to “play the game” (personal development).

-Meekness is not being “willing” to fight, but rather not “choosing” to fight.

-On black and white issues, as disciplERS we need to take a “stand”. But on grey areas we need to choose “sensitivity” instead, on how to deal with them; and help ‘them” deal with them.

-Lead people at the speed of what they can handle; not the speed that we can handle.

-Ask yourself: How do you handle conflict? Do you battle to win or do you ask if the battle is even worth it?

-Ask yourself: How could you help others affect their faith without it affecting yours?

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