S1E25: Search And Rescue


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Scripture Referenced: Psalm 139

Missing Woman Searches For Herself: https://torontosun.com/2012/08/28/missing-woman-unwittingly-joins-search-party-for-herself

Pros and cons are two-dimensional. They leave too much left unknown or not properly considered.

Though God knows us and understands us, that should never stop US from doing the same by engaging in self-discovery.

What would happen if we reworded Psalm 139 so we were gauging how much of ourselves we understood?

The woman joined the search party because she did not recognize her own description. What do we miss about how we realistically view ourselves or how others view us?

We should join God and search and know ourselves. Moreso, we should change what’s “offensive” so others start not “recognizing” the “new” us… even to the point when “we” would stop recognizing “old” self because of the changes.


Carve out one hour and throw a “search party” on yourself; noting what may need to “change” to become better.


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