S1E23: The Passion to Pivot


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 6:33

Sunday's Message: I Wanna Be Rich (Facebook) (YouTube)

Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first God’s Kingdom and God’s Righteousness. It is about following God’s DIRECTION as well as God’s DIRECTIVES. The rest will line up under it.

Covid has made us all have to “PIVOT”

Definition of “pivot”: to modify something while retaining some continuity with its previous version.

Three Things To Develop The Passion To Pivot

1 - Embrace The Discomfort

We shift when we are uncomfortable. That is the only time we’ll move.

Embrace the discomfort by facing it head-on. We can make the best decisions by looking at it straight on.

2 - Pick The Open Lane

If the sandbox isn’t working out for you, move the box onto another part of the massive beach.

It also keeps you moving… like taking a detour because of an accident. It may even take longer, but you are still moving and now have new strategies based on what you discovered.

Remember the past simply got you to where you are now. It does not commit you any further.

3 - Commit Your Plans In Pencil

Develop “planned obsolescence”. Determine at the beginning of any project/decision that there will be a day when it is no longer necessary to do.

Make sure to shift your long-range planning (LRP) to a shorter time frame. The reduction in scope will depend on your risk.

Make sure to place marker dates to:
a) review
b) redirect (even if is the same direction - be willing to adjust)
c) resume (don’t stall out)


Embrace what is currently uncomfortable about your life. Look at it dead on to prep to “pick the open lane”.

Remember that Easter is the best example of having the “PASSION to pivot”

Because of our sin God went to the open lane by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sin. He solidified His work in our lives by not committing it with a “pencil”... but His “Blood”.


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