S1E22: Renew Your Reactions


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Scripture Referenced: 2Timothy 1:7; Proverbs 24:16

Sunday's Message: Passion Fruit (Facebook) (YouTube)

Conscious vs. Subconscious Reading Power

A reaction is what we’ve pre-programmed our brains to do based on repeated actions (REactions).

The brain is always trying to reduce energy spent on thinking.

If 10,000 movies were playing at the same time (subconscious mind), you can only concentrate on ONE of them (conscious mind)

To imagine the speed of information compared between your conscious/subconscious mind, it would be equivalent to your conscious mind containing information the thickness of a dime (1.22mm) traveling at 100mph (160kmh) while your subconscious mind was containing information the thickness of the CN Tower (553,000,000,000mm) travelling at 100,000mph (160,000kmh).

Five Steps in Renewing Your “Reactions”

1 - Recognize it - you need to admit it’s a negative reaction needing change

2 - Review (Replay) - walk through the scenario to discover what patterns may have initiated it

3 - Respond - decide in the calm time how you will respond the next time that reaction would happen. Decide something like this: “When I do X I will RESPOND with Y INSTEAD.” By adding “instead” you are consciously committing to a new way of responding to a typical reaction.

4 - Reenact - train the mind to see and foresee scenarios and respond with healthy responses. Reactions are “instinctual”. Reenactments are “intentional”.

5 - Repeat - the “tower” will fight the “dime” to conserve energy by simply doing what it always did. Your conscious mind is stronger than your subconscious mind because of its “will”.

“The difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur does it until they can do it right. A professional does it until they can’t do it wrong.”


Write down a few negative reactions you know need changing. Pick one and try the process of changing your “response” until it becomes a NEW reaction.


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