S1E16: Overcoming Obstacles


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Scripture Referenced: Romans 14:12

Three “obstacles” stop us from progressing in our efforts to change: bridges, dams, and fires. For those specific obstacles we need three tools: an axe, a shovel, and a match.

We struggle often when we try to use the wrong “tool” to address our issues.

#1 - Bridges: The Axe

The axe will clear the area and give us the pieces to get to the other side.

Any “habit” we want to create actually is a collective of MANY “habits”. The habit of reading the Bible starts with the first habit of “picking up the Bible”. Then “open it”. It’s a series of many habits creating a bigger habit (smaller bridges becoming a larger bridge).

#2 - Dam: The Shovel

The shovel will dig up what is around you and create a roadblock to stop you from doing the old habit (inverting the habit).

You need to “unchoose” things to start “choosing” other things.

An example of this is if you don’t have time in the morning to read the Bible, then put your phone in your drawer so you don’t grab it until you’ve read your Bible.

#3 - Fire - The Match

The match is what you use to start the fire needed to make the change. Remember that to build a fire, you start off small and keep adding things to it to get it bigger.

To build up the fire, stop looking at the “what” and focus on the “why” it’s important to you.


What is ONE “obstacle” that you are facing? Do you need a “bridge”, a “dam”, or a “fire”. Once you decide that then you know which “tool” to use to overcome it.

Make sure to write down your plan and keep track of your progress (even break it down into stages if that helps you find other potential obstacles you may need to address first / as well).

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