S1E15: Step Into Change


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Article: Seven Phases of Running A Marathon: https://www.runtastic.com/blog/en/7-phases-to-be-mentally-prepared-for-running-a-marathon/

The average person takes 59,150 strides to run a marathon (42km).

Here are the phases (and adapted for bringing personal change in our lives):

Phase One: The High (0-5km) - filled with excitement.

Phase Two: Ignorance (5-15km) - trying to ignore considering the challenges / failures of the past. Watch that you don’t over do it.

Phase Three: Panic-ish (15-21km - half-way point) - start seeing your decline and it makes you nervous. Don’t give up. The slow down is expected and part of the process of the high no longer being the motivating force.

Phase Four: Isolation (21-30km) - your mind starts to mess with you trying to get you to stop. The further along the phase, the louder the “voices / excuses” get.

Phase Five: Rock Bottom (30-35km) - everything is now screaming at you to stop

Phase Six: Silver Lining (35-42km) - now you start seeing the goal at around the 80% mark. Take advantage of the excitement and momentum and pick up the pace.

Phase Seven: Finish Line (42km) - YOU DID IT (keep running - don’t stop).


Whenever you “drop out”, don’t think that “YOU” failed… but one of the “PHASES” took you out. Look at what phase was responsible for it and make sure you don’t let it win next time.

Remember that running a marathon is actually saying “yes” to 59,150 different strides.

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