S1E13: Dissing Distractions


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Scripture Referenced: 1Corinthians 11:1

Harvard psychologists say we “mind wander” 47% of our waking hours: https://www.inc.com/nate-klemp/harvard-psychologists-reveal-real-reason-were-all-so-distracted.html

ADHD is Attention DEFICIT Hyperactive Disorder. It is the inability to isolate stimuli.

Distractions are the enemy’s way of stopping us from moving forward.

Distractions are not things that stop you from an “action”... they stop you from “traction”.

Just as momentum is a collective of moments, traction is a collective of actions.

You Steer Where You Look (12 seconds): https://www.sgi.sk.ca/handbook/-/knowledge_base/drivers/eye-use

How to Diss Distractions

1 - Know where you want to go

2 - Define the “next step” (what is “12 seconds” ahead)

3 - Write it down (in a positive way)

4 - Have scheduled reset points.

Use strategies that will keep you on track (timer, Bible reading, prayer, solitude & reflection, etc)


What change / direction do you want to “start” today?

Write down on the margin 3 possible distractions that will stop you from gaining “traction”

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