S1E11: Leading and Being Led


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 6:33; Matthew 2:5-6; Luke 16:10-14

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The Great Reset: We make the mistake of “adding” things to our spiritual lives without removing the things that clutter / hinder our growth.

We need to ask ourselves “if it is not giving us joy, why are we doing it?”

Leaders can sometimes create clutter points and hinder people from experiencing joy by creating / upholding overcomplicated or unnecessary processes.

Leaders need to clearly lay out expectations with those involved so they can be fully aware of what is needed from them. We need to define what constitutes as the “win”.

Simplifying is not a simple task.

We need to assess what is the bare minimum for us to feel like it is a win.

One of the benefits of others knowing what constitutes a win for leaders is they can now bring their own flavour to the task knowing the win is really what matters.

Volunteers can sometimes create clutter points and hinder leaders from seeing success when they agree to carry out responsibilities but end up not following through.

Leaders need to make sure they are giving those involved all the resources necessary for them to carry out their responsibilities. Leaders should regularly check in to ensure volunteers have all they need to succeed.

First Step: As a leader, ask yourself what may be hindering you or those you lead from fulfilling the tasks / goals set out by you or those above you. What would you need to do to reset the flow?

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