S1E10: A Change in Leadership


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Scripture Referenced: Matthew 6:33; Matthew 2:5-6; Luke 16:10-14

Self-discipline is not just making the right decision… but rather making right decisions. It is doing the right thing repeatedly.

Puppet rulers may have “position”... but they have no “power”.

Just because you’re not on the platform, does not mean you’re not in the plan. It may just not be your season to rule.

To be an effective ruler, you have to start by effectively ruling yourself.

To “shepherd”: to tend, guard, guide, feed, fold back into the flock.

Folding (baking): to incorporate delicate components without deflation

God is looking for new leaders who will “shepherd” His people.

Jesus ruled… by caring. He loved and served people.

First Step: How are you going to make a change in how you lead your own life today?

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