42: How do our lived experiences impact our approach in cybersecurity? With Jarell Oshodi


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Today's guest is the brilliant Jarell Oshodi, currently Deputy Chief Privacy Officer for the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. So she’s had an interesting few years....
Hazel and fellow data privacy advocate Tazin both interview Jarell, in what turned out to be a really fun chat. Jarell has spent 12 years honing her expertise in data compliance and privacy at various federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, and her current role at the CDC.
Jarell has such an interesting story as to how she’s got where she is, and how her life experiences have affected her whole approach, which she shares with us.
We talk about the issues around data privacy today and what she’s witnessed in her work, and we also talk about the importance of giving people a voice when they may not feel like they have one.
And, just as we were about to end the interview, we stayed on another 10 minutes to chat about a really celebratory moment for Jarell – stay tuned to find out what that was.
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