The Doctors Opinion 2021 with Two Dr Pauls on Addiction/Recovery today.


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Dr Paul F has worked as a physician in the field of addiction medicine and occupational medicine for more than twenty-five years. His interest in addiction medicine has morphed over those years into a greater curiosity related to addiction recovery science and treatment.

Dr. Paul S, full-time addiction medicine physician, focusing on occupational and recovery medicine, this Paul is past President of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, and currently acts as UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Practice, and an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University.

Together, at the 2021 International Conference of Secular Alcoholics Anonymous, two "Doctor, Addict, Alcoholic" Pauls offer contemporary Doctors' Opinions based on their front-line work in addiction and recovery medicine and reflections on their own struggles and recoveries.
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