Gopal Hariharan: The Australian fintech entrepreneur who chose Scotland


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It’s often been said that, here in Scotland, we underestimate just what a wonderful place this is to live and work in – particularly compared to many people looking on admiringly from overseas. Take the fintech entrepreneur Gopal Hariharan. He was so impressed by the Scottish business eco system that he moved his Black Arrow app start-up from Sydney to Glasgow. Furthermore, he and his wife have moved to Glasgow too, attracted by the culture, the scenery of the Highlands and – get this – the weather! Their only complaint so far has been the unusual warmth of this year's summer. A self-confessed maths geek as a child, Gopal was born to be a problem solver and has built a very successful career on understanding the full spectrum of money trails and fintech architecture. He’s a charming and thoughtful listen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, which was recorded on 20 July 2021.

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