TalkCast 481 – Deep Cuts With Sam Groom and Ringo Starr


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Sebastien de Castell

Sebastien de Castell

A remarkable interview begins and ends in the most unexpected places. This begins with Sebastien de Castell, musician, author and our guest on the ‘Cast. Ostensibly here to talk about his latest book, Way Of The Argosi, The Commander and I has way too much fun on a number of other topics before we ever got there, some of which may have included:

  • Is that your real name?
  • Where Do You Ge these Ideas?
  • What Are Your Concepts on Worldbuilding.
  • Do you really Fence?
  • Who’s your favorite Beatle?
  • What’s the coolest fan letter you ever got?

We also finally did get to talk about Way Of The Argosi for a bit within the context of his Spellslinger series and the importance this volume holds for him as well as for the series. This could well be called an “interesting” conversation. I think I just did. I hope you think so too.

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Way Of The Argosi

Way Of The Argosi

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