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Annie wanted to get pet insurance for her young dog, Poppy, and decided to dive deep into researching all the options out there -- and oh boy, there sure are a lot of options! In this episode she speaks to several industry experts and company representatives, looks at reviews, reads the fine print, and, after narrowing down the options, discusses the matter with her husband, Jason, whose opinion about what to get ends up being a little different than hers.


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Companies mentioned in this episode:

The Dog Tale


Crum and Forster


ASPCA Pet Insurance

Hartville Pet Insurance


Pet Assure


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Partial Transcript:


Hello humans. So this episode really has been a challenge to put together for several reasons. It’s about pet insurance, and I was inspired to research pet insurance because of our young dog Poppy coming into our family.

But there’s a lot of numbers when you’re looking at pet insurance. There’s a lot of choices, a lot of boring, fine print. So rather than just figuring out what I could from websites, I tried to get representatives of a bunch of different insurance companies on the phone, which was very helpful. But I was still left with a lot of options and a lot of information. So before I play the episode, I just wanted to share a few takeaways and explain or point out some things that I think are missing from this episode.

First of all, there are a lot of pet insurance companies that I did not discuss in this episode. And that’s not because they’re not good. In fact, they might be great. They might be better than the ones I ended up focusing on. I’ll explain how I ended up picking the five companies that I focus on in a little bit, although it ended up sort of accidentally being more than five.

But I just wanted to mention, you know, I’ve heard, I’ve heard a lot about Trupanion, Happy Paws, Embrace. Embrace is one, actually, I do kind of mention in the episode for a funny reason. So perhaps there could be a part two to this episode. And if you are using one of the companies I do mention, or one of the ones I don’t mention, I am super curious to hear about your thoughts on your pet insurance.

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