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This week, we’ll tackle the extraordinary romantic encounter between a human and an alien, and the shocking development on one of the oldest cold cases in the country, the Lovers Lane Double Murder. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted News.
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1. Alien Lover
Like everyone else here on earth, UK actress Abbie Bela was overwhelmed with boredom due to the prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns. On her social media, she joked about wanting an alien to abduct her.
Soon, the 30-something starlet began to have dreams filled with white light. The midnight imaginings persisted until May 31, 2021, when she started hearing a voice telling her to "wait in the usual spot."
2. Lovers Lane Double Murder
On the fine day of January 3, 1956, three young boys were hitchhiking in an area now known as the Wadsworth Park, west of Great Falls, Montana. Along the way, they stumbled upon the body of a man lying next to a car.
The victim was later known to be the 18-year-old Lloyd Duane Bogle. He was an airman at Malmstrom Air Force Base from Waco, Texas. His hands were tied behind his back with his own belt. There was a bullet hole in his head.

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