Episode 145: Filmmaker Bret Lada and 28 Weeks Later (2007)


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This week we sit down with multi-hyphenate Bret Lada! He's the co-writer, director and star of The Andy Baker Tape, a new found footage horror film that combines food blogging and horror. We talk about his love of dark psychological thrillers, his relationship to genre films growing up and into adulthood and, of course, dig into filming The Andy Baker Tape during COVID.

Then we turn our attention to 28 Weeks Later, the film that scarred him for life when he was a teenager. After discussing his horror story, we dig into the early 00s political critique and the way the themes it explores is still relevant in a different way under a pandemic. We dig into its forays into found footage, the horrifying dilemmas the characters are constantly forced to make and so much more.

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