Scarlet Velocity #803: Armageddon part 3


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"Armageddon part 3" finds Barry hiding out in the Hall of Justice with Jefferson Pierce. He believes it's time to enact the Injustice protocol. The League set it up in case any of our heroes went rogue and became a danger to the world. Black Lightning is the only one that can help sever Flash from the Speed Force, but he's not entirely convinced that it's the right decision. Meanwhile, Cecile is determined to find Barry but doesn't want to hear Iris's theory that Joe isn't really dead. Instead the determined attorney calls upon the help of the Top to combine their psychic abilities to track down their missing teammate. And Iris works with Allegra to discover something shocking about Joe's fateful day. The only option left to solve all of this chaos is for Barry to travel to the future and find out what's really going on. But what he finds may push him to the brink. Jay and Josh try to remove each other's powers only to discover they don't have any on this week's episode of Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!

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