Seed of Chucky (2004) feat. Carlos of Horror Daddies


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Let's be honest. We've all at one time or another asked a guy to give us their seed. Or well...that's probably just Paul? Sounds like him. That selfish bottom also wanted a Daddy so he got both this week! We're so excited to welcome back one of our favorite Daddies from "Horror Daddies," Carlos!
Note: Pablo and Chris got married! Pablo won't be here for this episode but will be promptly back for our next episode!
Honestly, these two, a couple of Paul's friends, and Carlos' Mom may be the only fans of this movie...but everyone should be because it's a masterpiece. It's actually not a masterpiece at all but it's f*cking fun and some great prep material if you're excited for Season 2 of Chucky!!
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