Rachel Downey and The First Million Part 1


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As part of Tiffany’s personal mission of being “for others”, she is intentionally inviting people in her community to host takeovers on the Scared Confident feed. And in the next 3 weeks, you’ll be hearing from her first takeover: Rachel Downey.

Rachel Downey is co-founder and CEO of Share Your Genius, the podcast production company that Tiffany and her husband bought in 2021. After helping Tiffany create The First 17 Years series for Scared Confident, Rachel got to thinking: it’s amazing and inspiring to hear stories from a hindsight perspective, but what about sharing the real stuff while you’re in it? In this 3-part takeover series, The First Million, that’s exactly what she set out to do.

Rachel is sharing the journey to Share Your Genius’ first million—all of her stories from the messy middle of growing a company, its culture, and herself. In this first episode, you’ll hear from Rachel on the inspiring story of how Share Your Genius was born alongside her first daughter as she spent her first months in the NICU, and the mentor and co-founder who helped her coin their first company value: Be Great.

To hear more from Rachel, check out her podcast, Voicemails with Rachel here: https://link.chtbl.com/ZY3ZvYFf

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