Tuesday’s Tips — Solving a Bad Habit


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Do you have a bad habit? Something you just wished you could stop doing? However, no matter how conscious you are of it, it just keeps coming up?

Bill had a client that couldn’t help but interrupt people. She knows it’s a weakness, but she simply couldn’t bite her tongue for long enough! How do you get over something like this?

We often think faster than we talk. If you’re verbal, if you like to say what’s on your mind, chances are you’re going to blurt out what’s on your mind! This idea that you can stop doing this is a fallacy. You’re never going to fully eliminate this trait, but you can reduce it.

The solution to working on any bad habit? Self-awareness and responsibility. Know your weaknesses, write them down if you have to, and own them. We try to cover up our weaknesses, but that just makes us appear even more inauthentic. If you own it, even call it out, apologize for it, people will come to know what to expect with you.


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