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Let’s talk about growth; more specifically, growth with a focus on strategy and how it relates to technology. Today’s guest has seen some of the same mistakes over and over and shares his entrepreneurial story of how he grew.

Mark Patchett is the Founder of Growth Shop and helps businesses scale with efficiency. He has spent over 10 years in the space and has helped over 250 companies with their growth; everything from startups to big brands like The BBC, The Economist, and more.

Before going his own way, Mark had a lot of experience working with global brands when he got started in his career. However, he noticed something interesting; there was a gap in the marketplace for a service that could help small-scale entrepreneurs grow really quickly, and who often didn’t have access to big VC capital.

From Mark’s experience, you didn’t need access to an expensive team, you just needed to know the fundamentals of what growth looked like. Mark saw so many complicated growth strategy plans that smaller businesses had a hard time implementing because it was out of their “team scope.”

Mark’s Growth Shop is based in London and he has a personalized team helping small startups break the growth glass ceiling with the help of their expertise. Entrepreneurs know they need management structures, but when they invest in this ecosystem, they see intense cash dips and, if they’re not careful, it can affect the entire business. Mark helps curve the risk so that business owners can scale without digging too deep into their pockets.

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