Dogs! Hippos! Condors! Foxes! First EVER All Animal Episode feat. Jenna Blum, author of Woodrow On The Bench


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First EVER Satellite Sisters ALL ANIMAL AND PET EPISODE featuring an interview with best-selling author Jenna Blum, whose new book Woodrow On The Bench is about the last days of her black lab. Plus Julie's international animal news round-up, Liz's condor update, and everyone's favorite animal movies!

Jenna Blum, author of Woodrow On The Bench

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Julie's International Animal News Round-Up Animal Edition:

Squirrel superhighway, Cocaine hippos granted rights, Black swans in North Korea, International Tiger Day in Indiaand Bomb-sniffing Cambodian rat.

Home in California:

Endangered Condor Species Can Reproduce Asexually.

Animal Themed Entertaining Sisters:

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Favorite Movies:

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

The Secret Life of Pets

Hotel for Dogs

Best In Show

Fantastic Mr. Fox

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