College Admissions for Boys, Clock Change/Gadget Change, Birthday Dinner Menu Challenge, Health Check List 2022


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College admissions for boys, gadgets that need changing at home, a helpful health check list from a listener and what to make a picky eater for her birthday - all covered on this episode. Plus Lian's successful workshop for humor writers, Julie's first formal night out, and some fresh entertainment recommendations.

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College Admissions: Colleges Practice Affirmative Action For Boys

Wirecutter: Time To Replace These Household Essentials.

Entertaining Sisters:

Vanity Fair video: Succession Composer Explains The Opening Music. Nicholas Britell.

Elvis Costello: How To Play Guitar and Y from Audible Words + Music.

Elvis Costello on Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend


Amor Towles' newest The Lincoln Highway

Woodrow On The Bench by Jenna Blum, next week's podcast guest!

Patti Callahan Henry's newest Once Upon A Wardrobe

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