ADHDing With Dr. Amy Marschall


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Today Dr. Amy Marschall and I had a non-linear conversation which included ADHD myths and being Gifted AND Talented. Also the Nazis used technology that led to the invention of the Smartphone, which is terrifying. We talked about cancel culture and learning instead of giving up in ignorance. Dr. Marschall has been in practice since 2016 and works in the Child and Adolescent Therapy Clinic with Sioux Falls Psychological Services, providing assessment and therapy treatment to clients age two through college. She also provides ADHD assessments through ADHD Online and therapy services through Spring Health. Dr. Marschall is certified in telemental health and is the author of Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox. She is also the author of I Don’t Want To Be Bad: A CBT Workbook for Kids, Parents, and the Professionals who Help Them, A Year of Resiliency: 465 Journal Prompts to Become Your Strongest Self, and Armani Doesn’t Feel Well: A Book to Help Sick Kids. Follow Amy at @DrAmyPsyD

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