#6 - Part 1: What’s Your Health System's Digital Health Strategy?


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It’s a common question but ask this instead; what’s your clinical strategy and how can digital health help achieve it. Virtual care, telehealth, digital health are only tools to deliver clinical care, they’re not unique and distinct clinical services.

Every investment of time and resource into digital transformation should be able to answer the question; what organizational goal is being achieved with this digital health tool?

Today’s podcasts walks through two examples of using digital health to support your strategy.

  • Strategy #1: Grow Neuroscience Service Line
  • Strategy #2: Reduce Surgical Site Infections

In the case of a digital strategy, your long term success will come when you work backwards. Create your digital health strategy after you know how the tools will advance the most important goals of your organization.

This is a 2 part series with next episode focused on private practices and FQHC / RHCs.

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