22: Enhancing Sales Relationships Through Technology with Quantum Computing’s Dave Morris


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Enhancing Sales Relationships Through Technology with Quantum Computing’s Dave Morris

Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Thom sits down with friend and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Quantum Computing, David Morris. Quantum Computing is a cloud-based quantum software vendor, offering ready-to-run software for complex constrained optimization computations.

Today, Thom and Dave dive deep into Dave’s eclectic sales background in enterprise sales and distribution. Dave has always been a scrappy salesperson looking to push out the latest fresh ideas that enhance his ability to sell. Dave explains the concepts of expected value, the importance of profitability while selling, and why relationships in sales will always matter regardless of the evolution of sales technology.

He provides best practices for sales professionals to fully take advantage of sales technology and speculate on what the future holds.

What We Covered::

00:39 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Dave Morris, CRO at Quantum Computing who explains its mission and the work he does there

03:43 – The biggest changes Dave has observed throughout his nearly three decades of sales experience

05:09 – Dave speaks to the evolution in sales technology and what’s going on today

08:57 – Dave provides his thoughts on those who think automation will replace salespeople

10:18 – Dave stresses the importance of profitability and profit margin in sales

12:37 – Expected value explained

14:22 – Best practices companies can utilize to get sales professionals to utilize their sales tech stack

16:23 – How to funnel these sales tech tools upward to executives and the C-Suite

18:02 – What are the most successful sales professionals doing right with sales tech

20:00 – What sales professionals are doing wrong

21:32 – Dave speculates on the future of sales tech

25:14 – The best tip Dave would give to sales professionals

26:48 – Thom thanks Dave for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with him

Tweetable Quotes:

“Quantum Computing is the next generation of computing.” (02:23) (David)

“What people are really looking for is a business advisor. They’re looking for somebody who can understand their business, hopefully, has some experience in their business and then can understand the technology and figure out how that technology is gonna impact their business.” (09:33) (David)

“In the VC world, a VC is basically interested in a new technology that has a ten times impact for the customer. And the basic model is, ‘We’ll give the customer five times and we’ll take five times.’ I know that’s an overly simplistic way to look at it, but I think that’s what customers are looking at.” (11:21) (David)

“When somebody says, ‘That’s too expensive. Can I have a discount?’ what they’re actually saying to you is, ‘I don’t see your value.’” (12:37) (David)

“The most successful people like winning and they like helping the customer out. And whatever amount of money they get, and it’s likely going to be substantial, they don’t even know until it shows up how much it’s going to be.” (20:22) (David)

“I really like that there are more and more tools coming out, from a technology perspective, that allow me to connect with the customer not just on a business level but in a way that validates that we are a trusted advisor.” (22:15) (David)

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