Sales Skills Required While Running for Office -Jesse Smith


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Sales Skills Required While Running for Office -Jesse Smith, Candidate for Oregon State House of Representatives District 18.

The Sales Made Easy podcast enters the political arena, well sort of anyway. I am friends with fellow author Jesse Smith on Linkedin. I like his personality and his genuine concern for people. Coincidentally, Jesse is running for office so I wanted to discuss the sales aspect of that to a degree.

We discuss how Sales ties into running for political office in Running for Congress with Jesse Smith, Candidate for Oregon State House of Representatives District 18.

Without getting into a political debate, here are some of Jesse’s goals for his district from his website:

“I’m just a local Dad who wants to see the public schools fully funded. I’m also an author, musician, web developer, and world traveler.

In my travels, I have spent time in the developing world, where the absence of labor laws and environmental regulations has led to widespread poverty and unbelievable pollution. But I have also spent time in Europe, where publicly funded social services provide a higher standard of living for everyone. In my life, I have worked for minimum wage; and I have started a business of my own. I taught myself to code, and I learned accounting principles in business school.

The first step to making a change is to believe that change is possible. I believe change is possible.”

Quick correction in podcast :

In discussing a recent news item about Unilever, I was trying to recall a list of brands owned by the company, and I incorrectly mentioned Ben and Jerry's. In fact, Ben & Jerry's is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. I regret the error.

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