Seven Emotional Triggers That Get People to Buy with Debbie Allen


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This is episode 535.

Tips for sales career success.

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DEBBIE'S TIP: "Believe in yourself enough that you can achieve your goals, whatever sales goals they are. Because again, I was just selling one gig at a time, and it went from that to people running to the back of the room buying. I at first felt, Fred, "I can't do this," because I kept bombing. I would hire another coach and I would learn a little bit and a little bit until I hired somebody and paid a lot of money. Like, "Take me through this process and teach me how to do it," because it is a system. You still put your emotions, your heart in with your education, but there's a process to this, and I just hung on. I wouldn't give up. Then I just kept believing, "I'm going to learn this. I'm going to learn it because I'm not going to quit." If you're stuck right now and you're doubting yourself, just hang in there. Believe you can do it and don't give up, because you can take your sales to the next level just learning another skill."

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