407: Sendoso Gets $100M Funding; CRO Sam East Explains How it Impacts Sales Efforts


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SAM'S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: "Be conscious of the things that you cannot affect within your sales process. As you’re in a sales process, if you’re hitting a brick wall, you’re in a challenging situation, make sure that you’re very aware of, “What can I do to change this and what are the resources that I can leverage around me to help move forward? What are the things that frankly, are completely out of my control?” If you waste one second worrying about those, it’s one second that could have been spent on things that actually are within your sphere of influence. I think that’s increasingly important for how we sell today, because there is a lot more that’s out of our control. Not everything is down to you, so that’s something that I’m preaching a lot to my sales teams, my sales leaders. Just focus on the things that you can really impact, don’t sweat everything else."

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