Avoiding Sales Burnout with Gayle Lantz


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This is episode 538.

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Tips for sales career success.

GAYLE’S TIP: “A couple of things to avoid burnout. One is the internal perspective. If you are facing this personally, to get quiet, to really do some introspective thinking about what matters most to you right now so that you can get clarity. Often when we’re overwhelmed or burned out, there’s total lack of clarity. So just settling yourself down and getting a clearer sense of what matters to you most now is important. From the employer perspective, they can help facilitate that process to give employees openings to have these kinds of conversations that they really need to be having ideally with their leaders or management so that they can support, drive, become more aware of some of the issues that employees are facing. There’s a line of questioning that you can do, there are assessments that you can use to incorporate all kinds of tools that can help you gain that awareness and clarity that’s needed when you get to that point.”

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