Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope September


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Click click click is the loud sound as the car is jerked forward in unison. You are filled with anxiety and anticipation. Each click, each jerk, draws more eagerness and dread inside of you.

Finally the car reaches the top of the climb. There is a moment of weightlessness before the plunge.

Acceleration, euphoria, and adrenaline all combine in that moment the car rushes down the track to the next turn or loop. Stoner Sag, the thrill of life is encapsulated in those sequences.

Freedom and joy is found in that moment, once you realize you are not in control. You were never in control stoner Sagittarius. Not from the time you bought the ticket. Not from the time you were born.

Early in September toke time with the sacred herb in a solo smoke session. The cannabis strain does not matter. Sink deep during this medicated meditative smoke session to visualize the ups and downs of the past. The unexpected twists and turns that hurtled you in different directions on the terrestrial plane.

My stoner Archer, as there were twists and turns, climbs and drops, anxiety and exhilaration in the past; these things too will come in the future.

You can’t control the flowing wave of universal life, but you can try to surf it!

It’s time for a stoner roll call my valiant Archer. Take note of all your canna-buddies within your smoke circle.

You aren’t alone on the roller coaster of life. It’s the canna-fam you’ve made evergreen connections with that will be there during the thrilling good times. It’s the ganja gang who will have your back in moments of terrifying anxiety.

The more you recognize the natural ebb and flow of this terrestrial life, the more you can withstand the moments of anxiety; and appreciate the times of positive growth.

This is your mission in September stoner Sagittarius: Smooth out the highs and lows with meditative cannabis contemplation, and take solace in the fact that the canna-crew is going through the same thing.

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