Ep196: EBM or Solutioneering? With Prof Rob Briner


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What if you could better guide your organisation on what's most important, and be more confident about the results you can deliver? That's what today's guest is asking of all of us, assuming that’s the kind of professional we want to be.

My guest today is Professor Rob Briner, and he has had a bee in his bonnet about what people like us do, in part because of what people like Rob do. He'll explain more in a minute.

Rob is Professor of Organisational Psychology at Queen Mary University of London and at Bjørknes University College Olso Nye Høyskole, Visiting Professor Birkbeck University of London, and Cofounder & Scientific Director Center for Evidence-Based Management.

Rob's been working at bridging the sometimes enormous chasm between the actual decisions and priorities and programs people like us bring into organisations, and the evidence-based things that actually work to make things better inside organisations.

That's what he and his colleagues call evidence-based management.

And as I quickly found out, this is not about finding the 'right' answer quicker, it's about a mindset and a discipline of professional practice which I think is very well-aimed at people like us.

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