Ep193 Large-scale Safety II in practice @ American Airlines, with Bog Glavan & Nick Peterson


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There is an enormous amount of talk about new safety approaches, in theory, compared to implementation in practice. But implementation does exist, it does show promise, and it can be done at scale.

My guests today are First Officer Bogomir Glavan and First Officer Nicholas Peterson from American Airlines Learning and Improvement Team.

This team is hyper-generous, part of their DNA is to write papers, do presentations, and speak at conferences to share their work, in the hope that it does two things: first that it helps other people, and second that it helps them improve what they are doing through that collaborative process of learning, getting feedback, and reflecting.

This conversation was pretty wide-ranging, we talk about the historical beginnings of this Safety II-informed approach to learning and improvement, and how it both differs from and compliments conventional approaches to safety.

The bottom line is this: these people are doing some of the most advanced operational learning and Safety-II in practice in the world. And just because you don't work for an airline, doesn’t mean you can't either.

I'll talk you through the best way to take these amazing insights into action after the conversation, so stick around for that.

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