October Monthly Astrology Forecast 2022 ~ Winds of Change


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Love & Bright Blessings for September 💫 🌹 🪐 Rebekah

OCTOBER WEATHER OVERVIEW So much is happening this month! 🪐 🌾 ✨ Venus, the ruler of Libra Season is in full power in her domicile of Libra bringing us all the truest Libra Magick until the turn of Scorpio Season on October 23rd when she ingresses into Scorpio along with the Sun. The month begins with Mercury stationing direct, followed by Pluto and Saturn. We also have Mars stationing retrograde at the end of the month, the rarest of all retrogrades. Jupiter ingresses back into it's domicile of Pisces, and Eclipse Season begins!

OCTOBER TRANSITS in PACIFIC TIME and TIME STAMPS (completed Time Stamps coming soon) ✨ ⏰ ✨ - Welcome! - Upcoming Event open to the general public (not just patrons) in Los Angeles: Aries Full Moon Healing & Grace Meditation Journey with Mother Mary: Your Heart’s Desire, get tickets here: https://www.sacredstarlight.com/event... - 3:39 - Opening Prayer - 5:19 - October Overview - 6:38 - Venus in Libra + Grounding into Libra Season, Libra Keys - 20:59 - Libra Season Reflections - 30:47 - October 1: Venus oppose Jupiter at 3 Libra/Aries - 32.45 - October 2: Mercury Stations Direct at 24 Virgo - 34:55 - October 6: Mercury trine Pluto at 26 Virgo/Capricorn - 40:34 - October 7: Sun oppose Chiron - 41:53 - October 8: Pluto Stations Direct at 26 Capricorn - October 9: Aries Full Moon at 16’32 Aries. Join me on Patreon for an Aries Full Moon Sacred Candle Magick Ceremony, and/or in person in Los Angeles this month only for Aries Full Moon Healing & Grace Meditation Journey with Mother Mary: Your Heart’s Desire (info and tickets and at www.sacredstarlight.com) - - October 10 - Venus oppose Chiron at 14 Libra/Aries, Mercury enters Libra at 4:54 pm PT - - October 11 - Sun trine Saturn at 18 Libra/Aquarius, Mars square Neptune at 23 Gemini/Pisces - - October 12 - Mercury oppose Jupiter at 1 Libra/Aries - October 13 - Venus trine Saturn at 18 Libra/Aquarius - October 18 - Venus trine Mars at 24 Libra/Gemini - October 19 - Sun square Pluto + Venus square Pluto at 26 Libra/Capricorn - October 22 - Venus conjunct Sun at 29 Libra, Mercury trine stationary Saturn at 18 Libra/Aquarius, Saturn SD at 18 Aquarius - October 23 - Venus enters Scorpio at 12:52 am PT, Sun enters Scorpio at 3:36 am PT - Scorpio Season Begins - - Scorpio New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, 4:00 am PT at 2 degrees Scorpio - - October 26 - Mercury trine Mars at 25 Libra/Gemini - October 27 - Mercury square Pluto at 26 Libra/Capricorn, Jupiter Rx re-enters Pisces at 11:10 pm PT - - October 29 - Mercury enters Scorpio at 12:22 pm PT - - October 30 - Mars SRX at 25 Gemini - - October 31 - Happy Hallowe'en! Blessed Samhain! -

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