How Mailshake Generated a 40% Growth in LinkedIn Referral Traffic by Activating Employees' Content


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Meet Alessandra Colaci, the VP of Marketing at Mailshake, an email automation and sales engagement platform that helps people make great first impressions with their prospects at scale through cold outreach. Alessandra's 15-year digital marketing career spans from B2B SaaS to B2C eCommerce.

In this episode, you'll hear about a LinkedIn initiative Alessandra has led for the last six months that not only gets her employees involved, but also excited about posting valuable content for their audience. You'll learn what successful posting looks like, why it's important to have an internal advocate on every team you want to activate, and the tangible and intangible results obtained from this initiative. Enjoy!

- 01:40 Reaching People Who Haven't Opted In

- 02:10 Engaging With the Sales Audience on LinkedIn

- 03:05 Enabling Employees To Post on Their LinkedIn Profiles

- 06:00 Activating and Encouraging New Sales Hires To Post

- 06:45 What Successful Posting Looks Like

- 07:55 LinkedIn Training and the Ideal Posting Frequency

- 10:20 The Benefits of No Posting Expectations or Guidelines

- 11:35 Intangible Benefits From This Initiative

- 16:00 Data-Focused Marketers and the Dark Funnel

- 19:30 What's Next for This Initiative

- 21:10 Leadership Challenges: Deeply Understanding the Audience

- 22:20 Lightning Questions

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