Recapping June & July Goals


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S A U N A I E Presents July Goals & Plans

Q U O T E S: Always Concentrate on How Far You've Come

2nd: Respond Intelligently Even to Unintelligent Treatment.

S E G M E N T S: How was June for SAUNAIE & July Goals

How would I rate June? June overall was a roller coaster month for the podcast, I grade it a C- because I was undisciplined & fell off & that happens when you're constantly focused on staying Relevant & I eventually Grinded Myself out & I'm learning that I need a team to help me. So this month I've been looking for some teammates to take the load off. For anyone out there starting a Business or Currently Running a Business solo start looking to offload tasks to others so that you can put your focus elsewhere. As extremely driven people we think that people would do a good job like us but you have to ask yourself what's more important your Health or Someone fucking up a minor job. June we released 5 episodes & I'm grateful for each episode, I'm between which episode is my favorite because both episodes hit my heart those episodes are "Mental Recharge & Childhood Trauma"

- Childhood Trauma is big to me because I believe that's where who we are stimulates from, Childhood plays a HUGE role in Adulthood, how we were raised, the environments we're raised in, our relationships with our parents & more define who we are today.

- The other episode was "Men's Mental Health" this episode I loved because I learned so much about Men's Mental Health & the Statistics were MIND BLOWING, As a Man we hardly open up about how we feel & what we feel & I believe we all need an outlet or venting vessel to relieve that Mental Impact because it's a Heavy Weight To carry. If you haven't heard this informative episode check it out.

S E G M E N T #2: July Goals

1. Start doing Visual episodes

2. More Affiliate Marketing

3. Build A Community & Get to know y'all more

4. E-Book & Courses

When it comes to Goals or Tasks it's about not Overwhelming yourself with what's on your plate, as humans & the era we're in we like to load our plate & sometimes our Eyes are Bigger than Our Mind, We want to do so much in a short time window instead of analyzing our goals & giving them logical time tables. You got this don't overdue it just stay consistent.

H o u s e k e e p i n g

What are your July Goals?

How can I help?

How was June for you?

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